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Software Development

We specialize in a wide range of development platforms. Have a software idea? don't hesitate to contact our team of world class talents today. We bring ideas to live.

Software As A Service

We offer a range of uniques softwares as services. Please check out our projects.

Development As A Service

Enterprise outsourcing for software development work can be a pain. Let us relieve that pain for you. We offer a whole range of application development as a service that can benefit your organisation.

Cloud Computing

At Elara Technologies, we build world-class enterprise cloud strategies. Full clouds, on-premises clouds, as well as hybrid clouds

Elara Technologies - Simplifying Technology Deployments


  • Exam Practice Engine

  • Connect with friends.

  • Monitor performance.

Kranta Education Portal

Kranta is a social education portal that helps students preparing for various examinations like JAMB, WAEC, NECO (ICAN and other professional bodies coming soon), have easy access to educational resources, as well as an archive of over 20945 past questions and answers.

You can also connect with your friends, share ideas and monitor your progress

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Estate Manager

This project is a SAAS used to manage an estate


Language Learning App

An application for language learning



Manages ePIN generation and business lifecycle



Social Education Portal



Elara Technologies is an information technology services company that enables software technologies for its clients to gain the highest strategic, financial, operational, and organizational benefits. It is our goal to enable organizations to be more responsive, productive and resilient through implementation of information technology.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide unrivaled value to our clients by helping them to minimize costs and maximize benefits while providing a world-class working environment for our employees so as to keep attracting a talent pool of highly skilled people.